Tips for Memorizing Scripture

1. Reflect on the meaning of the verse. Visualize it. Look up unfamiliar words.

2. Repeat the verse aloud. Each time stress a different word.

3. Write the verse several times.

4. Display the verse where you will see it: on your desk, dresser, or refrigerator.

5. Make a jigsaw puzzle out of the words of the verse. Make two copies and

race with a friend or family member in putting the puzzle together.

6. Make up motions to do as you say the verse.

7. Sing the verse to a tune.

8. If the verse is long, break it down and memorize one section at a time.

9. Work on memorizing a verse right before you go to bed. It sticks better.

10. Memorize verses while traveling, exercising, jogging, or waiting in the

checkout line.

11. Set goals for yourself.

12. Be accountable to another person.


Helping Students Memorize Scripture

1. Share the tips above with your students.

2. Write a verse on the board. Erase one word/phrase at a time and have

the children recite the verse each time. Continue until all the words

are erased and the class says the verse by heart. OR print a word/phrase from

the verse on different pieces of construction paper. Pass these out and have the

children stand in order and hold them up. Tap a child who must turn around,

hiding the word, and have the class recite the verse.

3. Duplicate jigsaw puzzles of the verses and have the children race to

work them.

4. Write verses on strips of paper and cut them in half. Distribute them and tell the students to find the half that matches theirs and then memorize the verse.

5. Letter verses on index cards. Keep the cards in a box or special pocket for the students to study. Or have them make their own cards.

6. On the board or on a transparency present verses that have blanks for key words. Have the class supply the missing words.

7. Hold races.

8. Use charts, stickers, stars, and dots to encourage memorizing verses.

9. Use verses as prayers to begin and end class.

10. Have the students toss a ball, beanbag, or stuffed animal to one another. Each student who receives the item must recite a chosen verse or add a word to a verse that is being recited.

11. Write words/phrases of a verse on paper footprints and tape them to the floor. Have the children “walk the verse,” reciting it aloud.

12. Teach songs that are Bible verses set to music as Steve Green did in “Hide ‘em in Your Heart.”

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