The Walking Love of God: St. Julie Billiart 

Questions for Reflection and Discussion

Chapter 1

Julie’s name Marie Rose foreshadows her founding the Sisters of Notre Dame. Marie is a form of Mary and Mystical Rose is a title of Mary. What is the significance of your name? Julie always celebrated the anniversary of her baptism. When is your baptism anniversary? How can you celebrate it? Who do you know who practices white martyrdom?

Chapter 2

\When and how did you first learn about the faith? What are your favorite Bible stories? Julie teaches us to imitate a sunflower. How does one do this?

Chapter 3   Fr. Dangicourt taught Julie mental prayer. What is your experience of this form of prayer? What were early signs of Julie’s unusual holiness? How did the cross enter Julie’s life as a child?

Chapter 4   How did thieves change the Billiart family’s life? Spiritual books helped to form Julie. What inspirational books would you recommend?

Chapter 5  Julie was a hardworking teenager. What tasks did she undertake? Which one surprised you? Julie and her sister were miraculously cured. Do you believe in miracles like this? If so, why?

Chapter 6    How do you account for the amazing way Julie coped with her suffering? Why do you think God allowed Julie to suffer like this?

Chapter 7      What “reigns of terror” today are comparable to the French Revolution? Why did Julie become a target of the revolutionaries? What cross at this time do you think was the hardest for her to bear?

Chapter 8     What favors did God bestow on Julie to encourage her?  When you were going through a tough time, has someone or something provided relief?

Chapter 9     In what ways were the lives of Julie and Françoise different? similar?

Chapter 10    How were priests instrumental in preparing Julie for her life’s work? Julie worked to eliminate illiteracy. What can be done today to stamp it out?

Chapter 11    How was Julie a visionary? Why was this surprising, considering her background? What do you know about Our Lady of Guadalupe?

Chapter 12    What impressed you most as you read this chapter?

Chapter 13     What responsibilities would Julie have as a Sister of Notre Dame? What about Julie’s way of teaching do you consider important? Which of Julie’s instructions and maxims about the spiritual life do you value?

Chapter 14     What blessings came to Julie during the first months of her community?

Chapter 15     What do you think accounts for Father de Sambucy’s ill treatment of Julie? Who was harmed by his actions? Why was Sister Victoire ill-suited to be superior of the motherhouse?  What bizarre and stressful things happened to Julie? How did she endure them? How can you identify with them?

Chapter 16    In what ways was Julie’s authority usurped? What positive things were happening in the midst of all the trials?

Chapter 17    How did Julie go about discerning what God’s will was regarding leaving Amiens?  What events show that Julie was a woman of faith but also practical?

Chapter 18     In what ways did God clear a path so that Julie could carry out his work?

Chapter 19     What characteristics of Julie do the events in this chapter reveal?

Chapter 20    Julie made an incredible number of journeys. What dangers did she encounter on them?  “Chance” meetings often happened to Julie. What was one? Did you ever have one?

Chapter 21   Why did Julie return to Amiens several times?

Chapter 22    On what occasions did Julie act as a troubleshooter? What were Julie’s letters like?

Chapter 23    What do you think Julie and Pope Pius VII spoke about that caused Julie’s tears?  How did the wars disrupt the lives of the sisters?

Chapter 24    What two things was Julie falsely accused of? Why were they unfounded?

Chapter 25    How were the last months of Julie’s life similar to her years after the attack on her father? Why was it appropriate that the Magnificat was Julie’s last words?

General questions

  1. What impressed you most about St. Julie?
  2. What five words would you use to describe Julie?
  3. If Julie were alive today, what would she be doing?
  4. Why do you think Julie’s sufferings were extreme?
  5. How does knowing that God is good affect your life?

How good is the Good God!

Mary Kathleen Glavich, SND