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Catholic Faith Corner

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Servants at the Wedding Feast: A New Insight

On the Catholic Mom website Maria Riley posted a reflection that I thought was worth sharing. Maria has her own website at She is writing a series of booklets for children, Adventures with Saints. The first one, which is about St. Joseph, will be published soon.

So here is her interesting article:

I love meditating on the Wedding at Cana for many reasons. One of the primary reasons is that it seems so ordinary for Jesus and His friends to be attending a wedding. I like to imagine them laughing and enjoying themselves, much the way I do when I attend weddings. It’s thoughts like these that help me remember that Jesus was fully human too. 

Another reason that I love the Wedding at Cana is that Jesus, as an adult, remained obedient to His mother. As a mom myself, I love this. This obedience also is a significant part of our understanding of Mary as the great mediator. She brings each of us closer to Christ by bridging the gap between us and Him. She tells Jesus that the wine has run out, and despite Him telling her it’s not yet His hour, Jesus obeys His mother (cf. John 2:3-4). Jesus’s first public miracle happened through the intercession of Mary. 

Recently, while I meditated on this mystery, my mind didn’t focus on Jesus, His friends, nor His mother. This time, my thoughts lingered on the servants, those who assisted Jesus in His first miracle. These servants aren’t even named in the scripture, yet by following the advice of Mary and obeying Jesus’s command, they partook in a beautiful miracle that all Christians know about. 

They did whatever He told them (cf. John 2:5). And here’s the amazing thing: all He asked them to do was fill some pitchers with water. That was it! Jesus said something like, “just go grab some water, and then leave the rest to me.” Then a miracle followed, because of the servants’ obedience.


Sometimes I think I’m not doing enough to live out my faith. I think I need to live in more drastic poverty, or pray for hours every day. But maybe, just like the servants at Cana, Jesus is actually asking me to do something simple, and well within my abilities, training, and current life situation. 

When I stop to listen, this is what I hear Jesus say to me: “Fill this cup of milk. Then graciously clean the spilled milk for the eighth time today. Feed this family I have given you. Wipe this bottom. Read aloud with this child.” 

These commands, doing whatever He tells me, may not be as complicated as I think. Easy? Not always. Almost every day He reminds me, “Love your husband, and forgive him for not being perfect. In all things, selflessly love the way that I love you.” 

If I humble myself, and accept these charges from Him, then I open the door for the miracle to happen. If I do my small part, no matter how insignificant it may seem, I am honoring the will of God. 


I’m not in the business of turning water into wine. But filling pitchers with water? I can do that.

• What simple things is Jesus asking you to do today?

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