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Living in the Light
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Catholic Faith Corner

Living in the Light
of Jesus Christ

A Eucharistic Revival in Your Heart

A strong tie exists between Mary and the Blessed Sacrament. In preparing my talk about this to parishioners at St. John of the Cross parish on May 20, I reviewed a lot but I also learned a lot. This week I’ll share some of these thoughts pertaining to the Eucharist. Next week will be about Mary and her connection to the Eucharist.

This talk was timely because we are in the midst of a three-year Eucharistic revival; it’s May, Mary’s month; and the day happened to be the feast of Mary, Mother of the Church, that Pope Francis proclaimed in 2018.

The National Eucharistic Pilgrimage

The Eucharistic pilgrimage began Pentecost weekend. The pilgrims process with the Blessed Sacrament follow one of four routes: north, south, east, and west across the United States. The routes culminate in Indianapolis for the 10th Eucharistic Congress, July 17–21.

Facts about the Eucharist

 • When we receive Communion, our sins are forgiven.

• The daily bread we pray for in the Our Father is Communion.

• Partaking in the Eucharist is a matter of life and death. Jesus said, “Unless you eat the flesh of the son of Man and drink his blood you have no life in you.” When some followers walked away at that (Jews drained blood from meat), Jesus didn’t call out, “Come back. I was only speaking figuratively.”

• In a poll 70% of Catholics said they did not believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the sacred bread and wine.

• A Protestant said, “If I believed what you believe, I would go down the aisle of church on my knees.

• It’s easy to get used to Communion. We need to reclaim our “Eucharistic amazement.”

• Jesus became a human being in Mary. Then what’s more preposterous, he comes in the form of bread and wine.

• Ordinary food becomes our body, but when we consume the Eucharist the opposite happens: we become more like God, another Christ.

• St. Augustine said of the Eucharist, “Behold what you are, become what you receive.” 

• Jesus remains with us in the tabernacle: “a prisoner of love.” The closer we are to the tabernacle, the closer we are to Jesus.

• Being in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament changes us. It’s like how sitting in the sun tans or burns our skin.

• The miracle of the Real Presence allows us to hold God in our hand.

• Jesus asks that we perform a similar miracle and become bread for others. St. Teresa of Kolkata told her Sisters, “Let the people eat you up.”

• A story about St. Clare, St. Francis of Assisi’s friend: When Saracens were invading Assisi and St. Clare’s convent, she also bravely confronted them with the Blessed Sacrament although she was sick. The invaders turned around and went home.

• Carlo Acutis who died in 2006 at the age of 16, built a website about Eucharistic miracles. He documented 150 of them. He is on the way to becoming a canonized saint. His research resulted in a Eucharistic Miracles Exhibition that has appeared in various parishes. Have you seen it?  Here is its official website:

A Reflection

In the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus says, “I am with you always. Come to me. 

            When you are tired and your spirits droop,

come to me, I will renew you.

            When you need courage to carry out your tasks,

come to me, I will embolden you.

            When you face change, a new situation, growing older,

come to me, I will be with you.

            When you are sad,

come to me, I will cheer you up.

            When you are distressed by the state of the world,

come to me, I will give you hope.

            When you are lonely, come to me,

I will be your unfailing companion.

            When you face difficulties, come to me,

I will give you strength.

            When you feel remorseful, come to me,

I will forgive you.

            When you are in pain, come to me,

I will comfort you.

            When you are worried,

come to me, I will remind you of my love for you and your loved ones.

            When you are happy or successful,

come to me, I will rejoice with you.”

Here is a favorite Eucharistic hymn sung by a favorite tenor:

• The apostles’ first Holy Communion was at the Last Supper. Do you remember yours?

• What was the most impressive Mass you ever participated in?

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