A Happy, Happy Easter

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been experiencing a number of deaths, in particular friends and Sisters. Thank goodness, there is Easter to remind us that this world of ours isn’t the end. A whole new world lies on the other side, and it’s supposed to be more breathtaking than this gorgeous one we live in now.

Jesus’s rising is our guarantee that an afterlife exists and we will rise and be reunited with our loved ones. That is why St. Augustine could claim that a Christian ought to be an “Alleluia” from head to toe. “Alleluia” is a word of rejoicing that we’ve been barred from using during Lent. It means “Praise God!” We can be full of joy because God created us for everlasting joy in heaven and when we lost this destiny, Jesus redeemed it for us.

To help you celebrate the fifty days of this happy season of Easter, here is a collection of the season’s cartoons:

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