A Mentally Healthy New Year Review

The end of a year is a good time to look back and assess the 365 past days. The year 2020 is generally considered a terrible year, one that we will be glad to be rid of. Everyone has experienced disappointments if not suffering during this unprecedented time. Psychologists recommend ending each day with a review of the day’s blessings. Likewise, reviewing the blessings this year held for us will put us in a better frame of mind and give us a lighter heart as we march into 2021. I drew up the following questions to help you and me focus on the positive aspects of 2020 and thank God for them.

As a prelude, since you are reading this, you can thank God for the precious gift of life. A video highlights how incredible this is:

So settle yourself in a quiet spot, put your feet up, maybe sip a mug of hot chocolate or a glass of wine, and consider …

~ What new friend or friends did I make this past year?

~ What old friend or relative reappeared in my life?

~ Did I receive a special letter or email?

~ Who called me unexpectedly?

~ Did I acquire a new skill or reprise an old one?

~ When did I narrowly escape an accident, maybe a car crash or a fall?

~ What surprising gift did I receive?

~ What healing did I receive–physical or mental?

~ What beautiful nature scenes was I privileged to witness?

~ When did I resist a temptation or overcome a bad habit?

~ What special meals did I enjoy?

~ What good book or books did I read?

~ Who gave me some good advice?

~ What compliments did I receive?

~ How did I bring joy to someone?

~ When did I find something that was lost?

~ What did I do that I didn’t think I could do?

May such a review fill your heart with gratitude for the past year. May you look forward with anticipation for the blessings the new year will hold.

Here is a hymn to celebrate 2020:

• What question(s) can you add to my list?

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