A Saint for Our Time: St. Julie Billiart

Many people have never heard of St. Julie Billiart. She happens to be the foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame and the spiritual mother of us Coesfeld Notre Dames. I remember in grade school praying for her canonization, which occurred fifty years ago. In honor of that anniversary, we Chardon SNDs had planned a celebration, which COVID-19 cancelled. I was to give a half hour talk on St. Julie. Instead I made a virtual presentation geared to my community. It was easy to put together because I had written a book on her with colored pictures: The Walking Love of God. If you click on this link, my talk will introduce you to this remarkable woman: https://vimeo.com/415908546/91d7962773

The first slide shows a sunflower because one of St. Julie’s teachings was to be like this flower that always turns its face to the sun—even when clouds block it. We should always look to God. This is a good lesson especially for these days, isn’t it?

One thing I would add to the presentation is that a miracle approved for St. Julie’s canonization occurred at a hospital run by our Coesfeld Sisters in Brazil.

If you would like to know more about our saint, you might get a copy of my book:

• What saint has special meaning for you? Why?

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