Can You Help Parents, Teachers, and Me?


RESOURCE 1: Today Covid-19 makes it necessary for parents to more fully carry out their role as the chief teachers of their children. It also means that children are spending more time at home and in the house. Parents are faced with the question, How do I keep them busy and in a meaningful way? I wrote a book that gives directions for at least 150 art and craft projects. The Appendix has recipes for things like clay, paint, and glue as well as templates for making cubes, pyramids, and such.

Parents also find themselves more responsible with handing on the faith because of reduced or nonexistent religion classes. A special feature of my book is that with each project is a list of religious topics that can be expressed through it.

Teachers too would benefit from the wealth of ideas in this book, in particular religion teachers and catechists.

If you or someone you know could use this book, this is a good time to purchase it. Twenty-Third Publications has reduced the price from $25.00 to $8.73. Here is sample of what Arts and Crafts from A to Z contains:

A Story in a Box

Supplies: A box about the size of a greeting card box, a strip of paper slightly smaller than the length of the box and four times wider than its width, crayons or markers, glue

1. Accordion-fold the paper to form four panels.

2. Draw pictures on each panel.

3. Glue the first page into the top of the box and the last page into the bottom of the box.

4. Fold up the paper and close the box.

Option:  Write a title on paper the size of the lid. Add art and glue the paper to the lid. Add more pages.

Topics:  A Bible story, such as Adam and Eve, Abraham, Noah, Jonah, David and Goliath, parables and miracles of Jesus, conversion of Paul, life of a saint, mysteries of the rosary

Here is a link that takes you directly to this book:

RESOURCE 2: Unfortunately the virus means that more children than usual are suffering from the death of a loved one. I wrote an workbook for children that helps them work through their grief. Each page also has a tip for parents or grandparents to accompany children on this journey. This book that originally sold for $2.50 is now $.87.

Please help me spread the word about these two books not only to parents, but to parishes, principals, DREs, and teachers.

8 1/2″ x 11″ 24 pages

Here is a link that takes you to this book:

and a sample page:

Do you know of any other way I can see that these books can be in the hands of people who could really use them these days?

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