Christmas Musings

Mary Christmas and a Happy New Year! Here is a Christmas gift for you: Two reflections from my book Heart to Heart with Mary:

Love Made Flesh

December 24

My child, some things are so awesome that words fail us. Imagine what it was like to hold my newborn son in my arms knowing he was the Son of God. Joseph and I were silent before this tremendous miracle. How great is the love that compelled God to become one of us, his mortal creatures.

Mentally kneel at the wooden manger and gaze down on the infant Jesus sound asleep on some hay. Marvel at his little nose, his delicate eyelashes, his tiny fingernails. Watch his chest rise and fall with each breath. Know that within that chest is a heart of flesh beating with love for you.

Let your heart overflow with love for God and thankfulness. In your mind remain there in silent adora-tion. I will be there too, looking at both you and Jesus with quiet joy. I am elated that I was privileged to play such a huge role in your salvation. Be still and savor resting in your vision of the Bethlehem nursery. In the silence of that night, stay rapt in adoration as long as you can. When you can linger no longer, carry away with you the peace of that scene. Let it spill over from your heart into your home.

™  Speak to Mary about the magic and mystery of her first night with her son.

Spreading Joy


December 25

My child, when Jesus restored the possibility of eternal life to the human race, all creation rejoiced. My heart, too, was filled with gladness. You celebrate the Christmas season with friends and family in honor of the saving event. It is a time to bring cheer to everyone but especially to those who are not as fortunate as you. I would like you to forget about your own happiness and concentrate on giving joy to others, not just at Christmas but every day.

With that selfless attitude, you do not care about amassing treasures for yourself. You are not bothered if you give someone a present or do a favor and it is not returned. Rather, you go out of your way to spread joy. Invite a lonely person to share a meal with you. Perform a random act of kindness. Compliment someone. Renew your relationship with a person who dropped out of your family or circle of friends. Present someone with an unexpected gift.

By bringing joy to others, a sweet joy will bubble up in your own heart. You will also make me very happy, my dear.

™  Talk to Mary about how people have made you happy and ways you can spread joy.

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