Christmas Octave

The Christmas season extends beyond December 25. The Church celebrates the octave of Christmas, eight days, although the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” has a longer time span. This week to still celebrate the astounding event of God becoming a human being to rescue us from sin and death, here is a prayer that I wrote when I was about fourteen years old:

Sweet Infant sleeping peacefully

on your crude, straw bed,

Tonight you’re unaware of

what the prophets said.

You know not that your hands

in the future will be

Pierced with nails of hatred—for me.

Nor that your kingly head will bear

a crown of thorns on bloodstained hair

Nor that to mend all mankind’s loss

your final destiny will be a Cross.

Tonight, O Babe of Bethlehem,

for you the angels sing.

I join with them in praising you,

my God and eternal king.

The following video is a charming rendition of a traditional Christmas carol:


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