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Catholic Faith Corner

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Coincidence, Synchronicity, or God?

The other day when I went to the supermarket, I realized that I had forgotten my bag and would therefore contribute to the enormous amount of plastic polluting our world. Dismayed, I entered the store and grabbed the first shopping cart there. Lo and behold, in it was a large bag neatly folded up, which I claimed. I had never before discovered a bag left behind like that. It had appeared just when I needed it. This fortuitous event led me to think of other times when help came unexpectedly.

Once as I pursued my master’s degree I needed a certain piece of information. I opened a large book, and it fell open to a page that contained just what I needed.  Another time, flying home from a talk, I knew I had to market my books. Seated next to me was an experienced marketer who shared some tips with me. Then there was the day when I was on a home visit and my mother asked what kind of fruit I would like for dessert. I said, “Peaches.” She said, “All I have is a can of pears.” When the can labeled pears was opened, it held peaches.

The other night, as I was packing to go home from selling my books, I could not find my swipe card. (This is essential for getting into the building where I live and then opening the door to the apartment complex.) Frantically I searched the pockets in the four suitcases, my bag, and my purse. The priest was ready to close the church. When he heard of my plight, he said, “St. Anthony.” Instantly my swipe card slipped out of the top pocket of a suitcase. There had been no earthquake, and I had not pushed the suitcase. All I could say was, “Wow!”

In the midst of writing this blog, I sent a report to our finance office with an apology for missing the 15th deadline.  I thought the deadline was the 19th, tomorrow.  The answer came back “I meant to change the form to the 19th but for some reason it must not have saved.  You are fine!”

Once I needed a long-sleeved white blouse in a hurry. The first store I walked into had a rack of them in the middle aisle, and one blouse fit perfectly. Best of all, it was on sale!

Some people might dismiss such strange happenings as coincidences. Psychiatrist Carl Jung called them synchronicity, a paranormal occurrence. Being a woman of faith I attribute them to a good and provident God, who even “pours gifts on his beloved while they slumber” (Ps 127:2).

We look in vain for a parking spot and then suddenly someone pulls out of one, or we meet an old friend in an unlikely place.

When have uncanny things like these happened to you?




6 Responses

  1. I get these “coincidences” all the time. Here’s my latest. Our Catholic bookclub on Goodreads (Catholic Thought Book Club, if anyone is interested) just selected Willa Cather’s Death Comes for the Archbishop, which is set in New Mexico, to read starting next week. As it happens, I have a business trip scheduled to New Mexico next week. Isn’t that amazing. I haven’t been to New Mexico in over thrity years.
    God is telling me or foreshadowing something to me for sure there!

  2. Hi Sister ,
    I’ve had so many of those “God things” happen to me, that I decided to write them all down. I started back in the 70’s and moved forward. I ended up with about 3 pages!!! I periodically read through them and just find it mind boggling. God is so good. I loved reading about all yours.
    I read your previous blog and loved it. I have your “Mary” book, and read it every night before i go to bed. It’s AMAZING how some of them fit my day just perfectly!!! I just love that book!!!
    Take care,

  3. I had been taking the Eucharist to an elderly couple who were struggling financially. One day I noticed that their two kitchen chairs were held together with pieces of clothes lines. I worried that the chairs would collapse and they would be injured. I needed to do something about it, so I took a $20.00 bill and went to the Furniture Bank. There, on display at the front door, were two very solid, strong kitchen chairs. A sign indicated that the chairs were 2 for $20.00. I purchased them and delivered them only to learn that one of their old chairs had collapsed in a heap that morning!

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