Death Is Defeated

Self-preservation is the strongest human drive. Next comes the sex drive whose purpose is to continue life on this planet. We long to live on. We freeze dead bodies in hopes that they will live again. We pay for hair dye and face lifts, aiming at eternal youth. Not to worry. We ARE immortal. All it took was for a God to die. This is what we celebrate at Easter. By redeeming us, Jesus gave us the real hope of living forever. His coming out of his tomb alive after his execution assures us that everything he said was true—including his promise that all who believe in him will have eternal life.

So what is the next life like? For one thing we will be reunited with our loved ones and have no fear of ever being separated from them again. We will be one with God, our Creator who alone can completely satisfy our heart’s yearning. We will see Jesus and Mary face to face as well as the saints and heroes of the human race. We will be blessed with indescribable joy. The beauty of life on earth is only a inkling of the life that awaits us in eternity. As Scripture says, our eyes have never seen, our ears have never heard, we can’t even imagine what our future life with God will be like! No wonder our Easter cry is Alleluia–that is, Praise the Lord! It is an exclamation and a prayer of adoration that we will shout forever and forever.

At one point in its evolution, the word Easter was based on a word for dawn. As surely as the sun rises each morning and wakes us to life, Jesus, the Son of God, the risen one, will come someday and herald us to new life. May the Easter hope be with you all year!

What is your favorite Easter hymn or music?


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