For Christmas: Heart to Heart with Mary

Do you like the popular book “Jesus Calling” in which Jesus speaks to you every day? My newest book, “Heart to Heart with Mary,” contains Mary’s words for each day of the year. She speaks as our mother who loves and cares for us. Each entry ends with a suggestion for continuing the conversation with Mary. My copies are due to arrive on December 13, just in time to give as Christmas gifts. By then, the book should appear on Amazon for $14.00. I will be selling them for $12.00 and free shipping. If you would like one or more copies, email me ([email protected]) or just send a check (4237 Bluestone Rd, South Euclid, OH 44121).  In this week’s blog, I give you a little taste of this book, which was a joy to write—all 386 pages!

Divine Motherhood

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

January 1

My child, it gives me great joy that you are carving out time in your busy day to talk with me. I’m eager for you to know me more personally. By becoming the Mother of God, I became your spiritual mother. I regard both roles as privileges. Yes, I’m in heaven with my son Jesus, but I’m also truly with you and ready to do everything in my power to see that you join us someday.

I hope that through our time together, you will realize the depth of my love for you. I want to help you to be happy and successful. When you are hurting, I want to comfort you. When you are confused, I want to counsel you. When you are besieged by temptations, I want to protect you. When you are in need, I want to plead to God for you. You will not be disappointed if you turn to me quickly and confidently, as a child does to its mother!

My supreme wish for you is that you possess the same wholehearted love of God that compelled me to give birth to Jesus. Then you too will bring him into the world.

™  Tell Mary in which way you wish her to be a mother to you.


Coping with Change

January 2

My child, in the course of your lifetime, you are bound to experience major shifts. The ground beneath your feet is always changing. Whether you are moving into a new neighborhood, switching jobs, or welcoming a child—whenever transition occurs, you may feel anxious or scared. But don’t be afraid. God is always near you. That much never changes. I, too, am near you. That will never change either. I see you and know how you feel.

My life changed overnight when I was a sheltered girl living with my parents. One day I was playing with my friends, not worrying about anything more serious than if the bread would rise. Suddenly I was responsible for a husband and a baby, God’s Son no less. Then we were fleeing to a foreign land to save my baby’s life.

When you undergo or anticipate a change in your life, there is no need to panic. Trust in our loving Father’s plan for you. Know that I walk right beside you every step of the way to calm your heart and strengthen you so you don’t stumble or fall. We will face your uncertain future together, dear. Just keep a firm grasp on my hand. I won’t let go.

™  Does a change on the horizon frighten you? Talk to Mary about it.


What is your favorite title of Mary? Why?

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